Thursday, December 23, 2010

Playdate Birthday Party

I know, another birthday post, but it's the last one! This is all about the girls first birthday party with friends this last Tuesday. I invited their playgroup which is 2 sets of twins and a set of triplets along with one other friend's twins. For those who lost count that is 11 kids total including my girls. Four sets twins and one set of triplets. In attendance was: Alison and her boys: Jake and Ford, Melanie with her girls: Madison and Sydney (and her Mom, Pam, who is visiting from California), Ashley with her girls: Lila and Zella, and Jessica with her kids: Hayden, Madison and Payson. It was a full house that is for sure! John decided to work from home that day because even though he didn't really want to get entangled with that many kids and women, he didn't want to miss out on their birthday celebration either.

The girls woke up at 7 am, but the party didn't start until 10. That was THREE hours of anticipation and excitement. When Melanie arrived they were just about bursting. Then Ashley, Alison and finally Jessica all made it. The kids played for a few minutes and the moms sort of got to catch up a bit before I bust out the craft. I made Princess Cones and Prince Crowns for the kids to decorate. (Mema helped me a few nights prior to staple them all together. Thanks Mema!) In retrospect I should have done Party Cones and made them gender neutral. They boys wanted the cones over the crowns. Payson kept saying he wanted a Party Cone... leave it to an adult to think in gender roles, when kids just want to have fun! Eventually the boys got into the craft just as much as the girls. I basically made plain cones (and crown shapes) out of poster board. Then Mema helped me staple ribbons out the top of the cones. Then the kids got to stamp, sticker, and glue gems all over the cones. I put out colors too, but none of the kids really cared about that!

 After the craft, since it was a crazy 83 degree day in Dallas (at the end of December!) we sent all the kids outside to play while we got lunch ready. I made chicken satay, sugar snap peas, buttered noodles and fruit skewers, with of course cupcakes for dessert. The meal was a hit I think. It's always hard to judge with toddlers. Most of the kids loved the peanut butter sauce (I made a non-spicy version for the kids.) I'm pretty sure everyone left full and  happy.

After lunch, we did cupcakes outside, but by then it was so hot (everyone was in long sleeves since you know, it was supposed to be winter) that the kids didn't stay outside long. But that was okay because the party was winding down and kids were about ready for naps. Maddie and Izzie opened their presents and then said goodbye to all their friends. It was a successful party and I think everyone had a great time.

 Izzie and Maddie
 Madison, Lila and Zella
 Craft time! Izzie, Pam, Madison, Sydney, Melanie, Maddie, Jake, Ford, Alsion, Lila, Ashley, Zella, Hayden, Payson and Madison (sort of in order...)

 Izzie, Pam and Madison
 Maddie working on her crown.

 Jessica with Madison and Payson.

 Ashley, Lila and Hayden.

Maddie, Sydney, Madison and Payson.

 Zella, Ashley and Lila.

 Madison, Sydney and Izzie showing off their Princess Hats.



 The boys all sat at one table: Payson, Ford and Jake.

 The girls sat together: Hayden, Madison, Madison, Sydeny, Izzie, Lila, Maddie and Zella.
 Jake had to have his crown on to eat his cupcake. I like how the crown is almost as big as he is!

 They had to take a break and get their cones, but they came right back to finish: Izzie and Maddie
 Maddie and Izzie opening presents..

A Dora Doll from Melanie to Izzie!

 Maddie looks tired from opening so many great gifts! Izzie is opening a tea set from Ashley.

 A doctor kit and kitchen set from Jessica to Maddie and Izzie. Payson is telling them it was from him.

 After presents it was time to hug our friends goodbye.

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