Thursday, December 9, 2010

Picture Catch-Up

 Izzie at the Christmas Playdate Party
 Izzie opening her present from Jessica.

 Maddie opening her present from Jessica.

 Hayden opening the present I got her.

 Sydney liked the books I got her!

 Maddie icing her Christmas Cookie.

 Izzie adding sprinkles to her cookie.

Photo of all the aprons I made for the kids for the cookie decorating portion of our playdate.

 The kids "modeling" their aprons.


 PAMOM Board Christmas party at Macaroni Grill.

 Christmas Ornament that Melanie and I made for everyone.

Ornaments on the tree, it looked really great!

 This morning we played with Playdoh. Maddie got totally immersed, playing for a solid hour and half! Izzie played for an amazing 50 minutes before she was ready to play something else.

 Maddie playing playdoh, Izzie had moved on to dress-up.

I helped the girls write letters to Santa this morning. I tried to write exactly what they quoted me, with a bit of coaching. After writing the letters, they added some color to the page.

 Izzie's letter... notice she added some of her own words (the little squiggles at the bottom.)

Maddie's letter.

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