Friday, December 3, 2010

Nanna Day!

The girls got to go to Nanna's this morning to play while I stayed at home and cleaned house. In a twisted way, it was an early birthday present, since now, I can enjoy my Saturday birthday without feeling like I'm in a messy house. I am just so much more calm when my house is clean. It is by no means spotless, there is still clutter in the gameroom and don't even get me started on my artroom that may soon be art/storage room. I want to drop the /storage asap!!! I want my art room back!!! Deep breaths.... I'll get there... eventually. (I more than ever wish I had won that Home Made Simple tv show a few months ago!) I didn't and somehow since that interview my art room has gotten messier.

But today wasn't about the art room. It was about vacuuming and dusting and scrubbing. My dishwasher is on the fritz and that is got me a bit anxious because washing dishes by hand is not my idea of fun, especially with the number of dishes, pots and pans I use on a daily basis! It's limping along but I practically have to wash the dish by hand before putting in the dishwasher which is a total waste of time in my opinion. Today was also about cleaning the refridgerator. This morning I opened it to get milk out for the girls and came across a terrible odor that developed overnight. I didn't have time to get to the refridgerator until after the girls went to bed this evening. (I spent the morning dreading/ignoring the problem and cleaning other more "fun" things.) Now I have a very happy, clean fridge and life can go on.

As for the girls, they had a great time at Nanna's. Izzie said her favorite part was gardening and Maddie said her favorite part was helping to clean up. Somehow I don't believe that but for some reason that has been Maddie's favorite part of anything lately. Maybe she thinks she'll get bonus points if she says she enjoys cleaning. Or maybe she's like her momma and actually likes a clean space. Who knows.

After naptime was not fun with Maddie. At least Izzie was happy as a bee. Maddie got upset that her sock was "Funny." No matter what we tried to do, it was still funny. Finally I yanked it off. That didn't work either. So we put her in her room to calm down. She calmed down, came downstairs and immediately start crying again. Back upstairs she went. Then she pushed Daddy. Purple Bunny got put in time out. Crying accelerated. Things were getting pretty ugly. Finally I was able to talk to her. I told her that she wasn't in trouble for her socks, but that Momma and Daddy were doing the best we could to fix the problem and that she needed to use big girl words instead of crying to tell us what was wrong. I told her she was in trouble for pushing Daddy and that is why bunny got taken away. She still wanted bunny, but finally realized that was her punishment. I eventually got her distracted by having her help me fix their plates for dinner. It was a long evening, but at least after dinner she was in high spirits and I read the girls several stories.

Tomorrow is a busy day. First off, I turn 31. I don't have anything planned this year and that is sort of relaxing. I didn't want the stress of trying to plan anything. Everyone is so busy this time of year it is impossible to coordinate with all my friends so I didn't even want to try this year. We are taking the girls to go see Santa at my Mothers of Multiples Holiday Party tomorrow and then John and I have his office holiday party tomorrow night. It's going to be a busy day!

Here are some pictures of the girls hair this morning. They told me exactly how they wanted it styled and with what bows. Maddie wanted two "ball" ponytails with flowers and Izzie wanted one "ball" with a gold bow. Why they chose to pose in the corner, I have no idea.


urafatlazypieceofsht said...

izzie never disappoints with her retard face! i should make a twitter feed for my game, let the whole world play! in case you forgot, the name of the game is "which one is the retard" i show a picture of both your girls, and they try to figure out which one is izzie.

urafatlazypieceofsht said...

and her bangs look like shit, you can't even do a bun right. you are such a failure. you have no culture, no intelligence, and you are ugly. how did you even manage to get inseminated? bet that isn't going to happen again, i mean your body was atrocious pre-pregnancy, but now... you are blowing up like a balloon. it's like you got knocked up and never stopped growng.