Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Three Year Olds

I honestly think that from birth to one flew by in an instant. Well after those first 3 months that seemed like everything was on a three hour cycle and that it'd never get easier. Then age one to two went by in a blink. This past year from two to three still went faster than it should but we got a lot of good memories squeezed in there. This year was full of playdates, gymnastics, storytimes vacations and field trips to museums, fire stations and other fun places. We started doing preschool lessons, cooking "classes," and added learning some spanish to our language knowledge. Potty training is an on going adventure, but as of today, we (hopefully!) have said good bye to the diapers (except at night time and naptime.)

Madeline Elizabeth measured in at 38.25" this morning on our home ruler. She is my deep thinker and question-er. She keeps you on your toes with any promise you make because she has a memory like no other. Maddie loves running. She loves talking and is very passionate about whatever she is doing at THAT moment. She still has Purple Bunny as her lovey and thinks that anything that is purple is automatically hers.

Isabelle Dawn measured in at 38" this morning on the home ruler. She is either very quiet or loudly declaring what she wants. There isn't a middle volume. She loves reading and studying things very closely to see how they work. She is adventurous, usually willing to try something new, but only if she has time to think about it. She isn't about to jump into anything new without pondering the pros and cons. White Teddy is her lovey and any thing pink is hers.

Both girls can identify every letter of the alphabet and tell you it's sound. They can identify the beginning sound of most words you ask them. We are now working on ending sounds. They can count to twenty most of the time, and to ten in Spanish. They know all the basic shapes and even some harder ones like octagon, hexagon and crescent. They are even pretty good at simple addition and subtraction when you put it in the form a of word problem. (There are 3 apples on the table and 4 bananas... how many pieces of fruit are on the table?) That sort of thing.

In Gymnastics this year, they progressed a ton. They are much more comfortable around their coach. They've learned tumbling, jumping, bars, the block pit, we started pre- vaulting skills today and have learned a back flip. They've also progressed in Storytime. From sitting on my lap at the beginning of the year to now they sit in the front row and actually participate in the songs and dancing.

It's been a fun year with them, time does fly by. The past month has been a challenging one, but I know it's because they are learning so many new things so quickly. They want to be able to dress themselves but still have trouble, they want to be able to ride their trikes and bikes by themselves but they can't quite yet. These types of things create such frustrations that they have their share of temper tantrums. But the "Momma, I did it!" makes the patience required to learn a new skill so worth it.

John and I love our babygirls!!!!

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