Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Errands

Last Thursday, we ran out of milk after breakfast. I knew that there was a new gallon of raw milk in my mom's garage refridgerator so I figured I'd take the girls over before lunch to go grab it. I told them that Nanna may not be home because she was out running errands so we wouldn't be able to go in and play if she wasn't home. A few minutes later Maddie asked what an errand was. It took me a moment to think about how to describe it. I told her Nanna had to go to the chiropractor, and to the bank and maybe to the grocery store. (I actually had no idea what mom's schedule other than the chiropractor was, but I was trying to come up with more errand examples.) The day before we had stopped at Walgreens to buy something and I told them that they ran an errand with Momma when we stopped in at Walgreens.

Today they told me they wanted to go run some errands. I thought that was pretty brilliant. We hadn't talked about errands since last Thursday a good six days ago! So I told them we had to go buy Mema's Christmas present. Hum... I just realized if I continue this story, Mema will know what she is getting for Christmas. I guess the rest of the story will have to wait! But we did go run our errands this morning, first stopping at "the store for Mema." Then we stopped at the Party Store to buy some odds and ends for their birthday party coming up. They were very excited to have run errands with me today.

I wish the afternoon had gone as well as the morning. Maddie woke up from nap from a nightmare. I finally was able to understand that she had a bad dream that Daddy was at work and that he never came home from work. The only thing that calmed her down was a quick call to Daddy at work. It didn't help that he had to work late two days in a row, but when he got home she was supper cuddly with him until bedtime. Tonight I filmed John reading them a book and if she has another nightmare I'll be able to play it for her. I've noticed in the past that she usually does it only at naptime and usually two or three days in a row. Usually only when he's on a work trip though. Hopefully tomorrow will go well. We are off to a puppet show and a picnic!

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