Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Making Maracas

Maddie and Izzie making maracas out of toilet paper rolls and dried beans.

We've been stuck in the house most of the week due to crummy weather. We did make it out to Target for a short shopping trip this morning which was nice, despite the rain. It was just good to get out for a bit. After lunch, I decided to have the girls make maracas. I used it as a lesson about funnels too. I taped construction paper circles on the ends of toilet paper holders and then the girls used a funnel to pour beans into the tube. I quickly sealed off the other end and wrapped the tubes with more construction paper for the girls to decorate with stamps and stickers. I've found age three is a good age for stickers. You can get foam stickers in bulk at Hobby Lobby and these work on fine motor skills as the girls pry off the paper backing. They had fun making their maracas!

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