Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last Story Time at the Old Library

This week has been a busy week! I vaguely remember thinking to myself this past summer that "when winter comes and I slow down I'll... (fill in to-do list.) Well... we haven't slowed down at all so far this winter! Maybe it's not winter yet... it's so hard to tell in Texas. Maybe when the REAL winter shows up, I'll slow down and get things done around the house... yeah... right!

Monday was gymnastics like usual. Coach Steve taught the girls how to do a backflip for the first time, with the assistance of a mat to brace their necks. At first they didn't want to try it, but when they finally did, both girls thought it was a fun trick. Izzie had fun watching the older class on the trampoline. She kept trying to mimic their moves. Monday night was spent making a quiche for the playdate on Tuesday, and then I went over to Melanie's to help make PAMOM Board Ornaments for the Christmas party. I think the ornaments came out very cute!!

Tuesday was our Playdate Christmas Party at Alison's house and it was a huge success! The kids played for a while and then we ate a fabulous brunch potluck. After lunch was a present exchange and cookie decorating! I drew Hayden and Sydney's names for the present exchange. I bought Hayden a Melissa and Doug Dress Up Doll set and I bought Sydney two books, one about a locket and the other about My Little Ponies. Both girls really liked their presents. Izzie and Maddie both got new shirts and bracelets from Jessica that were the perfect color for them... pink and purlpe!

Tuesday night was the PAMOM Holiday Board Party. Melanie did a fantastic job of organizing it. We had it at Macaroni Grill and the food was fabulous. It was good seeing all the Momma's dressed up. We had a great time visiting, exchanging gifts in a white elephant and winning raffle prizes. Melanie an Alison created a "12 Days of Christmas for Mommy's" that was fun for us to all sing. It was a great holiday party!

Today of course, was library day! I spent most of the morning looking for the various books, cd's and DVD's I had checked out. Somehow I had about 15 items checked out this go around! I found everything except one DVD which we are still searching for. This was the very last story time in the old library. They did it up with a fun craft this time around. The girls got to make a magic wand, since the letter of the day was F for fairytales. The new library sounds like it will be an awesome building. They are going to have a dedicated storytime room, with more storytime sessions. There is even a puppet stage and they've added six new computers to the childrens area. I can't wait to see the new place!

I have a ton of photos that I need to sort, so look forward to those later!

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