Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homemade Cereal & StoryTime

I made the girls homemade cold breakfast cereal this morning! Well actually I guess the bulk of it was made yesterday and the flakes dried overnight in my new dehydrator. They were ready to eat this morning. I don't know why homemade cereal excites me so much. I think the idea of being about to create foods from basic ingredients just is fun for me. Anyway, I had told the girls they were going to have cereal this morning and they were excited. I personally think they enjoy drinking the milk out of the bowl more than eating the cereal, but whatever, it's an easy breakfast. For the recipe, visit The Frickin Chicken.

 Izzie and Maddie eating their homemade cereal.

After breakfast it was time for story time at the library. I'm starting to get sentimental about the library because it is closing at the end of the year and moving to a new location. I guess seeing the girls very first library disappear is a bit sad for me. When I heard of the new library at first I was excited, shiny new equipment, flashy modern building, but there is something about an old library that is just homey. I know we'll miss it!
 Ms. Ophelia pulled out a book about kittens and every single little girl in the room rushed over and sat down in a perfect line to listen to the story. It was pretty funny. The boys could not have cared less. I mean, I seriously don't believe in girl toys-boy toys, but there definitely is an innate gender preference.

Izzie was really getting into the rhyme this morning. I almost had to tell her to sit back a bit.

After storytime, we went over to see Nanna and Popo and the girls asked Popo to read them some books.

Nanna and Popo brought back some new jackets from Mema for the girls to wear. I think they really liked their cute black coats! They fit perfectly, thanks Mema!!

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