Monday, December 13, 2010

Birthday Parties, Cookies with Grandma and Tree Decorating with Nanna & Popo!

 Izzie and Daddy at Madison, Payson and Hayden Melker's 3rd birthday party. (Sat Morn)

 Izzie playing at Laurie Elkins house for Blake, James & Jackson's birthday party. (Sat Eve)

 Maddie doing an art project at the Melker Triplet's birthday party. (Sat Morn)

 Maddie at the Elkin's party. (Sat Eve)

 Maddie and Izzie at the Elkin's. (Sat Eve.)

 Maddie and Izzie eating pizza at the Elkin's party. (Sat Eve.)

 Grandma Maddie and Julie icing cookies. (Sun Morn)

 Izzie tasting her cookie. (Sun Morn)

 Maddie decorating her cookie. (Sun Morn)

 Maddie hanging ornaments on Nanna's tree. (Sun Eve)

 Maddie and Izzie rolling out cookie dough at Grandma's house. (Sun Morn)

Sabrina, Grandma, Julie, Sammy, Maddie and Izzie baking cookies. (Sun Morn)

 Rhonda helping Izzie pick up an ornament. (Sun Eve.)

 Popo, Dylan, Izzie, Maddie, Rhonda and Nanna decorating the tree. (Sun Eve.)

 Dylan, Izzie, Maddie and Rhonda (Sun Eve.)

The past three days have been a whirlwind as you can tell from my out of order photos. I know there are some OCD types who are cringing with the back and forth of the photos, but that is how they uploaded and it is sort of symbolic to how my past three days have felt! We started out Saturday morning with a birthday party for the Melker Triplets, Madison, Hayden and Payson. That was a cute party, done up in a circus theme. The girls had a fun time filling out their "ticket" sheet. They got a new "Admit One Ticket" at each activity they tried.

Saturday afternoon we went to a birthday party with Laurie's twins and older son who all have December birthdays. That was fun since Laurie had a snowman that was spewing some sort of "snow" and an awesome playground that the girls loved. There was also a hay ride, but we left just before that since the girls were very tired at that point and it was a long way home.

Sunday morning started off with a bath in my bathtub which is a special treat for the girls. Then we went to Grandma's to make cookies with Sabrina and Sammy! They both were so good and patient with making the cookies. Maddie was so proud of herself for rolling out the dough and pushing a tree in the middle of her rolled out dough. She exclaimed out, "Grandma, LOOK! I did it ALL BY MYSELF!" It was so precious to see. Izzie was very meticulous with getting just the right amount of icing on each cookie. They had a great time baking with Grandma that is for sure!

Then Sunday after nap we went over to Nanna and Popo's to decorate the tree and have a chili dinner. Their patience outlasted mine and thank goodness for my sister who was patient enough to help guide them with each and every ornament. Mom's tree might be heavy with ornaments around the 3' range... I'm just sayin'!

Today we went to Hobby Lobby before gymnastics. Normally Monday mornings are spent lazing around, but since their parties are coming up I knew I needed to get on the shopping. Of course I forgot some stuff, so after gymnastics we went for lunch at Pei Wei and then back to Hobby Lobby for round two! They had fun shopping and even helped pick out some of the party favors.

This evening I had a cookie exchange over at Melanie's house. John made Mexican Chocolate cookies (I'll post the recipe to Frickin Chicken soon!) and they were a big hit at the party. We also had a fun ornament exchange and I came home with a very pretty silver ornament duo, of a silver key and fleur-de-lis. Somehow I have a feeling that the week is just going to keep on going and it isn't going to slow down until the last present is unwrapped!

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