Friday, December 31, 2010

Aunt Rhonda Came to Play

 Izzie eating frozen yogurt (with a cherry on top!)
Maddie eating her frozen yogurt with Aunt Rhonda.

Today, my sister came over to babysit/play with the girls so John and I could go to IKEA for a new couch. IKEA is a child friendly place but unless we wanted to bring two cars (one to bring home the couch and one for carseats) we had to leave our kiddos home. It worked out great because the girls love spending time with Rhonda. She is a Montessori teacher and has a million tricks up her sleeve of fun activities and such. Not to mention her endless patience with kids. Her patience does seem to end with her big sister (me!) though. Anyway, they had so much fun. Before she even got here they told me all the things they were going to show her and do with her. They wanted to show off all their new toys and play candyland.

Rhonda said they played with toys for awhile, ate some lunch and then (with my permission) she took them to go get frozen yogurt for a belated birthday gift. They even got to go to Target to pick out a present. They thought it was their birthday all over again! Tonight at dinner all they could talk about was Aunt Rhonda bought them a new present (sunglasses) and they were so happy.

John and I procured our couch. We went in thinking to buy one couch and left with another one. They were extremely similar styles. The main difference being one had a removable slip cover (not the one we got.) But the one we got was $300 less, which let me talk John into some absolutely adorable cute new chairs for the girls! Which they of course LOVED.

 Maddie and Izzie sitting in their new chairs, next to the new couch we bought. This is our new family room (a work in progress.)

 We let them watch a show upstairs in their new chairs, they were very excited about that! (Maddie, Izzie)

Had to add one photo of Ripley in here. The past 24 hours I've had beef stock simmering away. My friend Nicole R. got me some beef bones that I roasted in the oven and then simmered for the past day and night to make homemade beef stock. Poor Ripley had to endure the smell all along. Tonight as I was removing the bones, I saved one back for him that was still full of some bone marrow. He was SO excited. Notice his normally curled UP tail is straight down and he's going to town on that bone!

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