Friday, November 5, 2010

Spending the Night at Nanna & Popo's

 I LOVE Izzie's smile here!

I think Maddie and Izzie have decided to live in their new boots. They look adorable. Izzie is blowing me a kiss as I take their picture.

It's been a whirlwind of a day today, even with nothing planned. This morning I got a message from my friend Nicole saying she had a Scoby to give me to start making Kombucha with. I've been gearing up to make some and trying to buy all the necessary supplies. I didn't quite have everything I needed so the girls and I took a trip to Walmart. I wanted to buy some mason jars but apparently Walmart thinks canning season is over so I'm out of luck there. I need to get some beer bottles from friends so I can store my homemade Kombucha in them. I've got a bottle capper on my way from Amazon. I'm so excited to have my first batch complete!

Anyway, before we went to Walmart, I was telling the girls that they got to spend the night at Nanna's house tonight. I've got a garage sale bright and early in the morning and Nanna and Popo said they'd watch the girls for me. I was telling the girls I was going to sell some of their toys to make room for birthday and Christmas toys that were coming. They weren't too convinced but they finally agreed that I could sell a handful of the toys they don't really play with anymore.

Back to Walmart. So we were in Walmart and they were being so extra sweet, that when I saw some cute little $3 wallets in their favorite pink and purple I told them they could buy them since they were so good about selling their toys. They were very excited and spent the entire time I was shopping opening and closing the wallet, playing with zipper and telling me they were going to fill it up with their money and their tags. Izzie has started a "tag" collection. Tags that come off of clothes after you buy them, not the ones sewn into clothes. I don't know why, but she loves collecting them. Maddie has picked up on her fascination.

They both took an excellent nap today and then we headed over to Nicole's to pick up my Scoby. That is the starter you need for Kombucha. She also lent me her Kefir grains so that I could start to make some Kefir water, which is like homemade soda pop... that is healthy for you! Both Kombucha and Kefir are full of probiotics. Maddie and Izzie were super good while we were visiting. They went in the other room with Nicole's son and daughter and played while Nicole and I chatted away.

Then we headed over to my moms for dinner and for the girls to spend the night. Sweet dreams Maddie and Izzie, Momma already misses you!!

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paulmhenry said...

I just love reading your blog. The girls are so beautiful. I am the
grandmother of Chrissy's twins, Maddie and Izzy. These blog are great for the family members to see the growth and development of the twins.