Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peaceful Day

It's been a fun, and relaxing morning around here today. The girls and I spent a good portion of the morning in our jammies, just doing chores and playing; with lots of trips to the potty. We did pretty good this morning, one accident per girl. While I cleaned up the kitchen I had the girls sitting at the counter playing play-doh. This distracted from the normal "help" I get. And I hate to discourage the help, but sometimes I just want to do it quickly so we can move on to something more fun (for me!) I know they actually have a good time sorting silverware. After cleaning the kitchen the girls got involved in playing with their magnet collection. Izzie filled up her Halloween treat holder with ABC magnets and told me it was candy. Then she had me say Trick or Treat for a letter O. They absolutely love filling containers with small things; either playfood, big wooden beads, puff balls, magnets, whatever they find.

Then we sat down and read through every single library book that we checked out yesterday. Izzie is really into reading stories back to you. She starts out very shy and quiet but then builds up steam describing the scene that she sees in the book. One of the books we checked out is full of silly songs that I (tried) to sing to them. When she read me back that story she was singing her words. I thought that was pretty terrific. Maddie's favorite book is a book about what you can be when you grow up. It is called Maybe You Should Fly a Jet! by Theodore Le Sieg. We read it once last night and about three times this morning. She wants to be a florist, a wrestler, a zoo keeper, an astronaut and a vet among other things. Izzie wanted to be a bride. I'm not sure why Mr. Le Sieg put that in there but when she saw the picture of the bride and said that she was going to be a princess when she grows up.

After all that reading I sent the girls outside, where they played by themselves for a full hour. I kept checking on them and I had the windows cracked so I could listen in on them play, but it was nice that they were having fun for a full hour by themselves. By the time they were done playing it was time for lunch, where they got more than a little bit silly. I ended up having to take their lunch away from them for bad table manners. Since the silliness continued after lunch, I needed a plan. They were just being silly on the edge of being destructive. I figured it was a good time to jump in the car and drive over to my friend Angela's house to pick up some beer bottles she said I could have. That was a perfect diversion and they got to play with Andi, Alex and Zoe for a few minutes while Angela and I visited for a bit.

I'm going to use the beer bottles and my new beer bottle capper to bottle my kombucha that will be ready to go in the next couple of day! I'm so thrilled with all the fun "science" projects brewing in my kitchen right now. Currently I have: kefir water, pear chutney, fermented okra, fermented peppers and now I've got wheat flour soaking for a bread loaf tomorrow. The soaking of the flour breaks it down and makes it more easily digestible. I think it's cute when the girls see me pulling out the kefir to make the next batch. They shout out, "You're making kefir mom!"

It's a drizzly cloudy day today and that helped naptime. Both girls slept pretty hard and long after all they did this morning. Now I've got dinner half made in the kitchen and they are reading more library books to each other in the toy room, John is home relaxing on his computer. The drizzle of rain on the windows helps make for a peaceful evening tonight!

(I've got a few pictures for later!)

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