Friday, November 26, 2010

The Paper Bag Princess Art Project

 Izzie and Maddie decorating their paper bag dresses.

They decided they needed more space so they took it to the floor.
Here is Paper Bag Princess Izzie and Maddie!

Last Wednesday we checked The Paper Bag Princess out at the library. It's a very cute story about a Princess that has her castle and all of her clothes destroyed by a Dragon. The Dragon also takes her Prince Charming away. Princess Elizabeth dons a Paper Bag for clothes and sets off to rescue Prince Ronald. When she finally rescues him using lots of brain power to trick the dragon, Ronald takes a look at her Paper Bag clothes and tells her to come back when she looks like a REAL Princess. She calls him a bum and takes off into the sunset. It really is a great princess book! I let the girls decorate their princess paper bags and wear them around for a bit.

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