Sunday, November 21, 2010

Muenster, Texas Thanksgiving Day

Today was our annual trip to Muenster, Texas to visit my sister-in-law Dana and celebrate in her town's Thanksgiving Day Festival. This year, John was still suffering from jet lag from his Hong Kong trip, so he opted out. Grandpa couldn't make it either because he is recovering from a minor surgery this past week. So, Grandma, the girls and I were in one car; and Julie, Chris, Sammy and Sabrina were in the other on our trip up to Muenster to see Lucy, Dana and Cody.

Dana had her house all decorated up for Christmas and it looked very beautiful. We got all the kids dressed in their Christmas dresses for our annual cousins Christmas photo. Izzie and Maddie were so precious. They were very proud of their pretty dresses and were very eager to pose for photos. This year, Lucy didn't want to participate, I'm not sure that we actually got a photo of all five kids in one shot. We may have to try again on Thanksgiving Day when we are all together again.

Then we headed over to the town hall for the festivities. There is a HUGE line you have to make your way through to get to the food. The line meanders through all the auction items for the silent auction so there is lots of time to bid while you are waiting for food. Izzie and Maddie enjoyed looking at all the items out on display. Finally we got our food and had lunch. I picked out a pie for the girls to share and told them when they were finished with their pie we could go outside and play, they were suddenly "ALL DONE!" We hit the playground first, then the various bounce houses, art projects, shaving cream, ducky bowling alley, ring toss, etc. We blew bubbles and quacked like ducks (they had these cute little duck quacking whistles as one of the prizes!) We did more bounce houses. When we were all worn out from all the activities we all had hugs and said our goodbyes for the trip home.

The girls were so excited to tell Daddy all about their day. They came in with stories about the elf visit (while at Dana's house an Christmas Elf came and left mini stockings full of toys for all the kids!) They told him about the bounce houses and how much fun everything was. They promised next year they would ride the train. I'm so glad we have this tradition going. They actually remembered a lot from last year and it is such a fun way for all the cousins to get together and spend time playing.

 Getting our Christmas dresses on for the photos. Izzie, Sabrina, Momma and Maddie.

 My favorite shot: Izzie and Maddie

 Missing Lucy, but here's Sammy, Izzie, Sabrina and Maddie.

 Sammy kept mimicing his Dad making funny faces. This was the only shot I got. Maddie, Lucy, Grandma, Sabrina Izzie and Sammy.

 Izzie and Maddie.

 Maddie, Sabrina and Izzie.

 Julie and Sabrina, Izzie, Grandma and Maddie

 Maddie, Sabrina and Izzie.

 Maddie in the bounce house, she's wearing the shirt Daddy brought home from Hong Kong.

 Izzie in her Hong Kong shirt.

 Intense concentration going on for Izzie and Maddie while painting turkeys.

 Lucy (who is wanting her Momma!) and me.

 Shaving cream fun! Sabrina, Izzie and Maddie.

 Blowing bubbles Maddie and Izzie.



 Izzie giving Uncle Chris a duck kiss.

 Maddie giving Uncle Chris a duck kiss.

Wish this one would have turned out better! Maddie, Izzie, Grandma, Lucy, Sabrina and Dana.

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