Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Library Day

Lately our weeks have fallen into a nice rhythm of Gymnastics Day, Playdate Day, Library Day, Grocery Store Day and then a lot of times Nanna & Popo Day on Fridays. I never realized how much I like schedules until I ended up creating one for the girls. It's when I get bored that I want to do something spontaneous. Otherwise, I like the ebb and flow of my own loose schedule. The girls seem to really like it too. Even without too much discussion about the days of the week (I do throw the names of the days of the week in there, but not all the time) the girls seem to get the flow. Somehow they know that on Saturdays Daddy will be home before I even tell them he's still sleeping. Then on Monday morning they know that Daddy is at work and that it is Gym day.

Today, being Wednesday, was of course library day. I really enjoyed watching them at story time today. They've come SO far in the year plus we've been going to story time. It used to be me holding both girls on my lap as they wiggled, fought, cried or just sat there in wonderment staring but not really participating. If I tried to clap their hands for them during a song it'd start a tantrum. But I trudged on. We had a few times when we had to leave early. But now, they are SUCH big girls! They sit on the floor in the front of the room, they sing and dance and they even are starting to answer some of  the librarian, Ms. Ophelia's questions. They are still much more reserved about the singing and dancing than some of the kids, but it's leaps and bounds over where they were. Today, Ms. Dea, one of the other childrens' librarians even suggested a book she thought Maddie might enjoy. It's nice to feel welcome and known at your local library. I hope they are as comfortable in libraries as their Nanna is one day. I've always loved libraries, but they've always held a bit of an intimidation for me that I can't explain. My mom on the other hand, could absolutely live in a library if someone would just give her the key.

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