Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's another Potty Training Day

Izzie and Maddie sharing a frozen yogurt.

What a great morning we had today. When I woke up this morning I decide to try the potty training thing full on. So far for most of my parenting I am super consistent. Not so much when it has come to potty training. I just hate cleaning up accidents, which of course is a natural part of the process. Another thing about me though, I tend to be spontaneous with decisions like that and when I make up mind about something I take on a "make it work" attitude. So when I wasn't quite all the way awake and hadn't thought through the day, I made the decision that they were going to wear panties. Then a bit later it dawned on me that today was storytime.

I stuck to my guns though. I packed extra clothes, extra panties, lots of wipes and crossed my fingers. The little portable potty in the back of the van bolstered my confidence a lot too. At the library we met up with some friends and decided to make the morning extended by going to a park, eating lunch out (with a stop at the frozen yogurt place too!) and then I had a quick trip to Target. The girls made it through all of that with no accidents!!! We did lots of stops in the travel potty though. Then five minutes after we walked in the door they both had a small accident. So it wasn't a perfect morning but it sure was close!

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