Wednesday, November 3, 2010


 Maddie and Izzie telling me a story on their felt story board.

Today was a day spent hanging around the house. It rained all night and most of the morning and it just seemed right to spend the morning cozied up together staying warm and dry. The girls have been very imaginative and creative lately and sometimes it is just fun to sit back and enjoy the show. They wrap a towel around their hips and turn into, dragons, mermaids and princesses. A cowboy hat on their head suddenly transforms them into a cowboy. Pretend earings makes them a Royal Queen. A stethoscope around their neck and they are a doctor. They love role playing and dressing up. Most of their role playing right now consists of a declaration of what they are for the moment (frog, butterfly, dragon, etc.) and then either running, dancing or hoping around the house being that thing.

Imaginative play has also shown up with their dolls. They have a set of magnetic "paper" dolls from Melissa and Doug. They put different outfits on and have the dolls talk to each other. I love it when Izzie uses a small, high pitched voice when she is pretending to speak for one of her animals/dolls.

They also love to tell stories now. They do this two ways. One way is to read a book to me, by looking at the pictures and the second way is to use the felt boards they got for Christmas last year. The especially love the Princess and Prince felt board. Izzie will say, "Momma, listen to my story, please!" and then basically describe each piece as she lays it on the board.
The new boots I got them today. They pretty much spent the entire afternoon in them.
Including when they just wanted to go around with no jeans on! Here's Maddie modeling her new boots.

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