Saturday, November 20, 2010

Green Tomatoes

 Maddie and Izzie
Green Tomatoes

The past few days the girls have been helping Nanna pick green tomatoes from her garden. It's too late in the year for them to ripen so they have to be picked green. Everyone has heard of fried green tomatoes, but Mom has been doing some research and has found recipes for Green Tomato Relish, Jam and Salsa. She got so excited processing her tomatoes last night she exclaimed, "I need more green tomatoes!"

So this morning when the girls were out playing, I noticed that my poor, neglected, fallen over tomato push was COVERED in green tomatoes. So I asked the girls if they wanted to pick them. They happily agreed. As they picked they counted them in Spanish. The only problem is that they only can count to 10 in Spanish so every they got to diez, they'd start over. They also tend to get their Spanish numbers mixed up a bit, but it was very cute.

Izzie and Maddie giving Daddy a big hug this morning!

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