Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day Before Thanksgiving

The day before Thanksgiving is always a fun day to me. Planning out when you are going to cook, last minute grocery shopping, the excitement of the day to follow, are all fun things to me. This day before Thanksgiving was a particularly fun and long day. John was home from work which made the morning enjoyable. Then the girls and I went to storytime at the library. We actually got there early (thanks to John helping us get out the door!) so we went to the 9:30 instead of the 10am storytime. I almost liked it better, but this week is probably hard to judge since it was probably empty due to people traveling.

I was so excited to find a new copy of "The Paperbag Princess." It is one of my mom's favorite kids books and I know that the girls will like reading it too. Today I taught the girls how to get one book off of a library shelf at a time. This may sound like a simple enough skill but when you have to put the book back in the same place you got it, it can be hard. So I taught the girls a trick I picked up somewhere. At the childrens desk is a stack of free bookmarks. I got one bookmark for each girl and had them pick a book. They put their bookmark in the spot where the book was, and had it stick out from the shelf a bit. After reading the book, I showed them how to put the book back and take their bookmark for the next book. They did really good with it, I thought they might get frustrated but they were very patient. I explained to them that Ms. Dea needed to know where each and every book was and if we got them mixed up she'd never be able to find them.

Izzie got out about 4 books before she moved on to play with the puzzles. Maddie randomly picked out a purple book (okay maybe it wasn't so random) and it just happened to be The Velveteen Rabbit. I can't believe I haven't thought to get that book for her before now! She LOVES her bunny. She sat down and looked at each and every page and then declared that she wanted to bring that book home today. I haven't read it to her yet, since the rest of the day has been pretty hectic, but I know she'll like it.

Maddie still isn't feeling 100% with her UTI, but mostly she's just a bit sleepy and hasn't had a great appetite. I ended up putting her to nap an hour early and she fell right asleep. Izzie took a bit longer to fall asleep but then ended up sleeping longer than Maddie. This evening was filled with playtime and fun with Daddy while I had a chiro appointment. After the girls went to bed, I hit the kitchen to make my two dishes for tomorrow. I'm making the greenbean casserole and a bacon wrapped salmon appetizer.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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