Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daddy's Back!

 Izzie throwing crapapples in the water.

 Maddie running back and forth from the stream to the pile of crapapples to throw them in.

Yay! John is back from his Canada trip. He's been in Calgary for a business trip since Wednesday. The girls and I did pretty good without him, but that isn't to say we missed him a ton! Maddie kept asking what day he'd be back and verifing that he actually would be coming back. He actually got back at eight last night and I let the girls stay up past their 7 o'clock bedtime to see Daddy before they went to bed. Part of that was to keep them up a bit for daylight savings time.

I was worried they'd wake up at 4:30 or some such crazy hour because they woke up at 5:30 at my moms yesterday when the spent the night. But she said they only woke up that early because her cat was meowing. Smudge doesn't like it when I forget to take home Maddie and Izzie. She meows loudly in disgruntlement.

Now today feels like Saturday since John wasn't home but it's not which means gymnastics is on tap for tomorrow. For most of today we just hung around not doing too much except a visit to the park where the girls had fun throwing big green crabapples into a stream. There were probably a hundred of them between the trees which the girls called a forest. They ran back and forth from the stream to the crabapples picking them up and either chucking them in the water or rolling them. They really had fun doing that.

On our way back to the car, Izzie took off running and wouldn't stop when I called for her. She soon regretted that bad choice since she had to go straight to nap without a story and she didn't get her one piece of Halloween candy after naptime, both of which really upset her. Hopefully she won't be running off like that again soon.

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