Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Block Pit at Gymnastics Class

Yesterday was so full that I didn't slow down enough to write anything. The girls had a really great time at gymnastics yesterday morning because the block pit was finally finished. They've had it under construction for awhile but it was finally done and the kids got to jump in it and "swim" around in the blocks.  Maddie and Izzie described it as a big swimming pool full of blue squishy blocks, which is basically what it was. Coach let the moms get in too, which was fun, but it was a bit like quicksand and we had a hard time getting out. The little kids just skimmed the top, but the more the moms wiggled the further we sank! After the pit, Coach brought out a huge parachute for the first time and the kids also had a fun time running on it and under it. I have a parachute on the girls wishlist since our playgroup is big enough to play with one and there is something about those things that kids love for years and years.

 Dadd, Izzie and Maddie going for a walk.

 Maddie and Izzie getting ready for class.

 Maddie and Izzie checking out the block pit.


 Coach Kalynn helping Izzie jump in.

 Coach Kalynn helping Maddie jump in.

Everyone on the parachute.
The afternoon went by pretty quickly but there was a bit of chaos after dinnertime. I had given the girls hot dogs for dinner a special treat even though they are nitrate free, organic, all beef. They usually love them and scarf them down quicker than anything. Well they were eating dinner and I was in the other room. I had some chicken under the broiler for my dinner. They "finished" eating and I got them down from their seats. Then I we were all in the office when Ripley starts barking like mad. He was frantically trying to get at their booster seat. I yelled at him to stop (which is pretty useless as he's mostly deaf.) Just as I was about to go in there to see what he was so upset about, the smoke detectors go off. So I have a barking dog, smoke detectors and two girls saying, "what's that? What's wrong?" and other questions over and over with increasing volume. I run into the kitchen and save my chicken which actually was cooked just perfectly (our smoke detectors are OVERLY sensitive!) Take a look at Ripley who is about to figure a way to gnaw off the girls booster seats only to find that Maddie had stuffed hers with hot dogs. I asked her why she did that and she said, "They fit in the hole." Of course, that's why one should always so something, because it can be done. To say it was crazy here for a few minutes was an understatement, but it eventually all calmed down and everything was good again.

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