Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Very Bad, Horrible Day

I'm so frustrated that I can't seem to post everyday like I used to. I really like having a daily log of what goes on around here, but even though the days are full, they've become so full I don't spend as much time at the computer! This week is zooming right along, summer has left us and we are firmly seated in fall now. The mornings are cool and crisp with sunny pleasantly warm afternoons. We've been starting out with long sleeve shirts and pants and end up in t-shirts and diapers as the day goes on.

Monday I had a mini-melt down with the girls. They woke up in some sort of mood and were just itching to push every single one of my buttons. They tore through the house like little sprites dumping and throwing toys about the house. As I put them in timeout they gleefully would run away laughing and giggling like it was some huge game. I was seriously loosing it and had absolutely no control over the situation that was spiraling more and more out of control. About 15 minutes before lunch time, I knew something had to break the cycle. I just stopped and yelled at them to get in the car. I had no plan what-so-ever. I just figured at least in the car they were legally strapped in place. Once I got in the car, I figured we might drive around aimlessly for awhile until I had time to calm down and perhaps they got that I was more than frustrated.

With tears rolling down my cheeks, I called my Momma. I asked her if she could take the girls for lunch. She said sure. Then she asked if I was alright answering herself with a, "Uh... no, I guess you aren't... come on over." I unceremoniously dumped my kids off at Nanna's where I knew they'd be talked to about the situation and I went to cool down. When I went to pick them up an hour and half later, they were full of hugs and had even helped Nanna write an apology card for me. Luckily they took great naps and were back to their sweet selves that afternoon and evening. But it was a morning for the books, one I hope not to repeat ever again. (ps. It's over and done, I don't really want any parenting advice on how to have handled the situation better, etc. I almost didn't write about it, but it is what happened that day, and life isn't always pretty.)

Yesterday, I was a bit apprehensive about how the girls would wake up, dreading a repeat of Monday, but they were awesome. We went to Lowe's and picked out some paint for the upstairs and then we went to the grocery store. They were super good and being very helpful. At one point while I was staring at paint samples Maddie exclaimed, "Momma, I'm being SO patient!" I had to laugh and tell her she was being very patient indeed!

This morning was library day, and while I wasn't really in the mood, I know the girls love it so we went. They had a great time and afterward we went to Nanna and Popo's to visit for a little while. Right now they are upstairs, NOT taking a nap, so I best go get them down and start the afternoon. I have some pics to post, but don't have time right now.... I'll get them up later!


MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

Bless your mom for being able to step in and give you a little time away...and how sweet that your girls were still thinking about their "lesson" the next day!

SheilaI said...

Oh, Amanda, don't eve fel bad. I lost it today with James and he's sick. After making him 4 lunches of food he asked for and wouldn't touch, I dumped the peaches and oatmeal bowl on his head! I'd just had it and felt so much better after. Course I had to clean it all up and give him a shower but I felt sooo much better and being here without someone to give me that much needed break, it worked.