Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treating

 Maddie, Momma, Daddy and Izzie about to go knock on doors.

Maddie and Izzie really enjoyed trick or treating this year. They had a game plan. They discussed it. They knew they were going to knock on lots of doors, say "trick or treat" and then they would get candy. They were vibrating with excitement. Before trick or treating, my mom and Chris came over for dinner. During dinner, there was more discussion about trick or treating. Then Maddie suddenly had the thought that a "boy" might answer the door and she decided that she only wanted girls to answer the door. So we had to tell her that most likely at some point in the evening a boy or man would in fact answer the door. She was only semi okay with that by the time we headed out.

Of course they had to suffer through some photos before we got to knocking on doors. It was like they knew it was inevitable, so they actually did sit relatively still and had pretty good patience. Izzie even smiled. Then John and I headed out while Mom and Chris stayed behind to hand out candy. We took the short block, we were gone maybe 30 minutes. But it was enough. Between each house Izzie would say, "At the next house with a light I'm going to say Trick or Treat!" and then she'd get to the door and just stand there. She had such good intentions at every house! They had such a good time and they were excited about their loot. Good times were had by all.

And my choice of not handing out candy paid off. Most of the kids (and all of the parents) were thrilled that there was other options. The little jars of Playdoh were the biggest hit of all... next year, I need more playdoh!

 Maddie and Izzie

This was the most decorated house we visited.

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