Sunday, October 17, 2010

Started painting the gameroom

It's been a productive day for me around here. I wish more housework had gotten done, but instead I accomplished some other tasks. I started painting the gameroom. Up until recently it has housed our pool table. The pool table was John's since middle or highschool. His dad stored it for him through college until he was able to buy a house of his own and have space for it. When we first moved into the house it was pretty cool to have a pool table and a dart board. But lives change a bit and we've decided to re-purpose the room. We are removing the pool table (John's Dad is going to hang onto it until someone else in the family wants it I suppose...) We are going to buy a couch and turn part of the room into a second family room. We intend to put the Wii up there with no coffee table so that we will actually use it. Then in the other half of the room we are going to get a weight bench and elliptical machine. We'll bring up a handful of toys for the girls to play with too. I'm excited to have a second living space, because ever since the girls have been born, the poor pool table has served less games and more as a storage device. I know John is a bit sad to see the pool table go, but I know he's equally excited about the weight machine and the Wii. Anyway, since we are remodeling the room, I started painting. It has remained builder beige and I'm excited to throw some more color on the wall. We picked the same blue that we used in the office downstairs.

After painting I took the girls for another walk around the neighborhood. I'm enjoying this awesome fall weather and want it to hang around for as long as possible. I don't really enjoy extreme hot or extreme cold! (Not that Dallas is extreme cold, but it is to me!) I let the girls out of the stroller for the last bit of the walk and they were excited to go "running" with Mommy. By the time we got home it was time for lunch. Lunch ended up being egg sandwiches since that was pretty much all I had available. So after lunch we hopped in the car and went to Sprouts, my favorite little grocery store. The girls were so good in the store, helping me count out fruits and vegetables. I taught them how to look for "boo-boos" on the fruit and explained that we didn't want any that looked like it was starting to bruise. The morning wore them out and they slept for a good two hour nap today. After nap was just play time and then John took them out for a walk, this time they got to push their strollers around the block with their baby dolls in them.

It was a good Sunday and I'm excited to get to gymnastics class tomorrow!

 One of the crafts we did at the cabin was to make these birdfeeders. We hunted pinecones and covered them with chunky peanut butter. Then we rolled them in birdseeds. I hung them up in our tree in the backyard.

"Bye-Bye cabin, see you next time!" That's what the girls said as they were leaving the cabin yesterday. (Izzie and Maddie.)

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