Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some photos from cabin

Start HERE to read about our trip. 

 Picnic on back deck when we arrived.
 Daddy, Izzie, Maddie
 Our room.
 HUGE master bathtub.
 The girls couldn't wait to take bath in it!

 Maddie doing a bit of coloring  before bedtime.
 Izzie coloring in their notebooks.
 We brought their tents but the room was too small, so they slept in a big bed. (Izzie, Maddie.)
 Izzie and Maddie fast asleep.
 (Friday) Izzie decided to wear the purple shirt which threw me off the entire time. Maddie said she was going to wear it next time it got clean.
 Maddie and Izzie walking to the activity center.
 Izzie showing off her Nature Treasure bracelet. Turn a piece of masking tape inside out on your wrist and gather treasures to make a temporary bracelet.
 Maddie showing me her bracelet. she wanted to put rocks on it, but soon learned that only small, flat rocks would stick.
 Izzie climbing up to the slide.
And down the slide she goes!
 Izzie playing putt-putt golf.
Maddie playing putt-putt.
 Maddie doing a leaf rubbing.
 Izzie working on her leaf rubbing.
Time some quiet time reading books on the deck.

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