Saturday, October 2, 2010

Park Weather

Maddie and Izzie
This morning I took some time to go to Kohl's looking for more fall clothes for the girls. I am NOT like those amazing moms who can look into the future and decide what size their kids are going to be and buy a season a head when everything is on sale. I wish I had that talent, but I do not poses it, at all. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago I started my fall hunt for clothes and bought a bunch of things in 3T. Yeah, that didn't work out too well, since they were quite tight on the girls and I ended up returning the 3T's for 4T's. So if I had bought at the end of last winter when everything was on sale, I at most would have picked up 3T's and that would have just been useless, now would it have been? We all have our strengths and as much as I love organizing things, organizing clothes is one area that I am not proficient at at all.

Anyway, like I said, I went to Kohl's looking for some cute clothes for the girls. I was sadly dissapointed. As I have been with Carters, Target, and The Children's Place this fall. I'm not loving the "new" look. I hate the plaids and the Eighties look that has come in even for toddlers. The colors are strange and depressing too. There are lots of weird patterns and dull colors available. So far I've managed to pick out some cute clothes, but am not thrilled with anything. And I can't seem to find any comfortable play dresses! Everything is stodgy and stiff. Hopefully I'll luck into some cute clothes soon. In the mean time, when the weather dips, I have at least enough that the girls won't freeze.

This afternoon I took the girls to the park to play for a bit before naptime. I was hoping to run off some of the excessive energy that they seemed to posses this morning. They did lots of climbing and running and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I was surprised that we were the only ones at the park, even though it was just our neighborhood park. The weather was nice enough I figured I'd run into some other mom or dad out with their kids. Near the park was a small grove of trees that had dropped a bunch of crab apples. The girls had a lot of fun playing with these. They carried them around, threw them a bunch, rolled them down the slides, played "store" with them, and eventually tossed them all in the creek. I love natures playthings!

Izzie running. This is one of the outfits I found this morning. The 4t is slightly too big, but the 3t would have been too snug.

Maddie running, one of her favorite pastimes. I'm also loving the fact that both girls love to go barefoot outside.

Maddie with two of her crab apples.

Izzie throwing hers into the small creek that ran along the park.

Izzie and Maddie hunting for more crab apples.


Amy said...

glad I'm not the only one who thinks this years selection of clothes seems to be awful. I was just at Gap and am just not a fan of the black white red Paris theme that seems to be everywhere as well.

dittdott said...

I haven't looked at Gap or Old Navy yet, but yeah, not sure what the designers were thinking when they sent out the fall clothes. I normally love The Children's Place, but have never actually bought anything there since most of my budget goes to the cheaper Target, Walmart with a splurge at Carters. This year I was going to pick out a few items at The Childrens Place and was appalled at the selection!

Amanda Dicklicker said...

Barefoot in a public park...I hope they get tetanus. Then you can be reminded of what a "wonderful" mom you are, lol.