Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Morning at the Park

Yesterday was gymnastics day for the girls. After a few bad weeks, things have finally turned around and the girls are really enjoying their class. I'm challenging them to try one new thing everytime they go to class and so far they've done pretty good with the challenge. Two weeks ago they attempted the "bear craw" across the parallel bars and we found out that Maddie is a natural pro at it! This last week Maddie tried "strong arms" on the single bar, it's where you push up with your arms and lay your belly on the bar. This leads to other tricks. Izzie did strong arms that turned into a flip on the bar. She really liked that! I am so proud of how far they are progressing in gymnastics, it's worlds apart from where they started a couple of months ago! Not only with the tricks, but with the participating, listening and sense of adventure to try new things.

This morning we went to one of the bigger parks in the area and met up with Melanie and her girls. The temperature was perfect for a morning at the park and we really had a fun time. Melanie really got into chasing the girls around and everyone was laughing so hard at the silly game. My girls taught her girls how to turn their t-shirts into collecting baskets. The look of horror on Melanie's face was SO worth me teaching the girls that trick! Maddie and Izzie were digging through the dirt, sticks and leaves to find treasures like acorn lids, little (inedible) berries, and special rocks. We also taught all the girls how to swing on the swings by laying your belly in the swing, which they all loved since they could do it by themselves.

After that we went to Red Robin for lunch. It's a good hamburger place, but the service was incredibly slow today. The girls were very patient up until the end when we were waiting to pay. Maddie got a case of the sillies and she was really testing my patience. But I got her calmed down and we were able to pay and leave with no upsets. Now I've got the girls down for a nap and I'm about to start some cleaning.

*A word about photos. I bought a new camera which works differently than my old camera. My old camera I never had to worry about charging, since it charges through the USB. I'd dump the photos and then I'd leave the camera plugged in and it would charge. My new camera you have to take the battery out and charge it. If you leave it hooked to the USB it DRAINS the battery even faster. So for the past few days I've been without a battery since I cannot seem to remember to plug it in. I've added a second battery to my wishlist, hopefully a second batter will solve the problem!

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