Friday, October 1, 2010

Mad Geese

The Geese and Ducks got very mad  that we didn't have food and were flapping their wings and hissing at us!
How does the week fly by so fast? It's been another crazy fun week around here that's for sure though! Yesterday the girls and I went to visit Angela Imes and her three girls, Andi, Alex and Zoe. Her twins are just 2.5 months older that Maddie and Izzie so they are perfect playmates. Angela made a delicious vegetable soup for lunch that I now want to recreate! I've invited her to be a guest blogger on The Frickin Chicken so hopefully I can steal some of her recipes! The girls and I  had a great time and I know they had fun because the managed to pull out every single one of Andi and Alex's toys. We had a big clean-up party before it was time to go home. I invited Andi and Alex to come play at our house one day and Andi asked me what toys we had to play with. I love this age!!

This morning I took the girls to a new park. I didn't know it had a pond with ducks and geese. (I thought they were swans but after getting home, I think now they were geese. I should know my birds better than that though!) Anyway, we didn't bring any bread since I didn't know these birds would be there. That was NOT satisfactory to the birds though. They are spoiled to people bringing them bread. The ducks saw us first and started quacking up a storm and waddling and swimming towards us. This brought the geese who flew in V formation right at us and then they ran up the grassy slope at us! When they saw we didn't have any food they started hissing at the girls and I! One goose got really mad and started flapping his wings at us. We bid ourselves adieu and left to play on the playground! They definitely made for an memorable morning at the playground!

Maddie, Izzie, Andi and Alex

Maddie, Izzie, Andi and Alex

Maddie playing with the Doctor Kit that Grandma and Grandpa gave the girls.

Izzie about to doctor Teddy.
Izzie wasn't happy that this slide was so far up from the ground!

Izzie running towards the park.

Izzie and Maddie waving at the ducks.

Maddie and Izzie


This Goose actually was HISSING at me!

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