Friday, October 8, 2010

Lunch Date

 Maddie and Izzie running to the park.

 Izzie about to slide down a new slide.
 Maddie and Izzie climbing the rock wall. Last time I brought them to this park they could barely do this wall with my help, this time they went up it over and over!
 Maddie and Izzie
 If I didn't have a shot of Maddie running, it wouldn't be a complete post, I don't think!
The girls hate to get dirt in their shoes. So much so that they'd rather go barefoot than have dirt IN their shoes. Although this amount of dirt got them upset. They wanted to go home and wash their feet. I told them to get over and go play... which they eventually did after they picked off ever last blade of grass!

Let's see.... yesterday I took the girls to the park pictured above. It's that time of year in Dallas where the weather is suburb and everyone is out at the parks. I've never seen one of our neighborhood parks as busy as it was yesterday.

Today mom and Chris watched the girls and I got a bunch of laundry done around the house and then I met John for lunch! It was so fun, picking him up from work and going to grab a sandwich with him. Before the girls, we did that about once a month. Since the girls, I've taken them with me about three or four times to pick John up for lunch, but this was my first time to get to meet him for lunch without the girls.

The past few nights I have been like a busy little elf working on the girls butterfly costumes. They are going to be spectacular! The hardest part has been trying to "match" the different shades of pink and purple for some consistency, but I decided to give that one up. I have most of one tutu finished and almost one set of wings. I still have to make the second tutu, the second set of wings and some antenna. They are going to be adorable!

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