Sunday, October 31, 2010


So far today the girls only have in inkling that it is Halloween. I didn't want to tell them early this morning because then it would be an excruciatingly long day for them. This morning we went about our normal routine. John let me sleep in a bit taking the girls downstairs and fixing them strawberries and yogurt. Then we just played a bit, reading books and such. I did my Sunday morning cleaning of the kitchen before the guys show up for D&D. Then I took Maddie and Izzie to Sprouts for a few groceries. The two main reasons for going were 1.Carrots and 2. Kombucha.

For the past couple of days the girls have been carrot crazy. Like little bunny rabbits asking for a "whole, BIG, tall carrot." It takes them about 45 minutes to power through an entire carrot and it is quite comical watching them chow down on one. Needless to say, we went through the handful of carrots I had in the fridge and since there was a huge upset over the last carrot this morning after breakfast, I figured a trip to the store was in need. I finally resolved this mornings argument by cutting the one carrot lengthwise, convincing the girls that they still got a big, tall carrot that way. I explained it wasn't a whole carrot, they each got a whole half of a carrot. Yeah, that'll probably mess with their heads later in math class but it got us past this morning!

The second item I wanted this morning is my new favorite drink. It's called Kombucha and it is a fermented tea. It's stock full of probiotics, antioxidants and healthy enzymes. I gave up drinking soda a while back and was only drinking water with a very occasional glass of tea. Most people know how I despise fruit juice. Then I was introduced to Kombucha. It takes a bit of getting used to but now I love it. Because it is fermented it has a natural carbonation and a lot of people call it homemade soda. There is sugar in the making of the kombucha but the bacteria convert the sugar in the fermentation process. I have a friend who brews her own kombucha and I'm learning how to do it myself. It sounds like a fun and exciting project and a healthy replacement to soda. So until I get the right equipment and learn how to brew it myself, I've been buying it at Sprouts. If you have never heard of this drink or if you have and haven't tried it, you should!

Back to Halloween... our plans are for Nanna, Popo, Rhonda and Dylan to come over for dinner and then some of us will trick or treat and some of us will stay back to hand out candy. Don't worry, lots of pictures will be taken!

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