Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun Day at the Cabin

I am thoroughly enjoying myself this weekend. The girls are having a terrific time. Maddie keeps worrying it is time to go home. We started off the morning with a big hearty breakfast of eggs and fried ham on toast and then we hung out in the cabin to enjoy a slow morning. Mostly because it was still too cold outside to go play! When it warmed up a bit, we headed down to the activity center with our first craft in play. I took some masking tape and wrapped it around the girls wrists, sticky side out. As we walked along we put small leaves, pinecone parts, grass and twigs on our bands. They had fun decorating their bracelets! It was also a good opportunity to compare things that were big and small and light and heavy. They found out that rocks and acorns wouldn’t stick to their bracelets, but that they did fit in their pockets!

When we got to the activity center we played at the park for a bit. It isn’t too exciting of a park, one slide and a fort with a steering wheel. But Izzie had fun climbing the ladder to the slide about fifteen times. Maddie called the fort with the steering wheel her house. After that we went and got some little clubs to play putt putt golf. They really got into it. John and I played a real game (I beat him by 2 points!) and the girls putted along too. We put their ball about 2-3 feet away from the hole and they did all sorts of creative club holding to get it in. Maddie started putting the ball about 2 inches from the hole and she got SO excited when it went in. At one point, Izzie was telling Daddy how to play and where the holes were. I think they really liked putt-putt. We told them that Grandpa loves playing golf, and they said that they did too, just like Grandpa.

After the putt-putt, we let them play in the video game room for a few minutes. They pretended to play the race car games. From there we went on a mini hike. We went as far as we thought they could go without getting too tired/hungry. And sure enough by the time we got back to the cabin they were very hungry for lunch. I fixed everyone some sandwiches and then we did another craft outside. We gathered up some leaves and placed them under paper. Then we took a crayon and rubbed it flat on the paper watching the outline of the leaf appear. Izzie really liked the idea of the craft, Maddie just was more excited to play outside some more. I sat on the steps on our front porch while they played in the front of the cabin.  They created pretend paintbrushes out of the pine leaves, ran races between the trees and played in the sand at the foot of the trees. We went on another walk with John and this time we took turns racing down the street to see who was fastest.

After we thought we wore them out a bit, we all came back to the cabin and we let them play outside on the back deck which is enclosed while John and I lounged in the living room. Now both girls are supposed to be napping, which of course isn’t happening as they are too excited. I had hoped that our activities this morning would wear them out, but at least that almost guarantees an early bedtime. This afternoon we have more hikes planned, along with a few more crafts. We plan on grilling fajitas and hot dogs for dinner. I love the slow pace at the cabin with all the outdoor time in the shady trees.

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