Monday, October 11, 2010

Friend's Birthday Party

 Andi, Alex, Maddie and Izzie playing with chalk

 Andi and Alex's little sister Zoe turns one!

 After the treasure hunt the girls explore their found treasure. Maddie and Izzie didn't participate in the treasure hunt so much... maybe next time!

 Maddie and Izzie were excited to get party hats!

 Andi, Alex, Maddie and Izzie enjoying hotdogs.

Izzie, Andi, Alex, Maddie blowing bubbles with Anderson, Andi and Alex's daddy.

 I LOVE this photo of Andi, Zoe and Alex!!

 Izzie eating her cupcake.

 Angela feeding Zoe her 1st Birthday Cupcake.

Izzie, Maddie, Andi and Alex on the swingset.

Maddie and Izzie were invited to their friend's birthday party yesterday. Andi and Alex turned 3 last Friday and their baby sister turns 1 on Wednesday. Angela decided that they are going to have a combined birthday party. She thinks it's fair since Andi and Alex already have to share a birthday that since Zoe's birthday is so close that she'll have to share too. I can't say I disagree with her! The kids all had a fun time playing. It took Maddie and Izzie a while to warm up because they were the only kids, it was mostly a family party. One other little boy arrived towards the end. But once they warmed up they had a great time.

I wish they had gotten more into the treasure hunt. It was such a fun idea. Anderson, Andi and Alex's dad, took photos of the playground. He then handed the girls a photo of the slide. They ran to the slide and on the backside was taped a photo of the picnic tables. They ran back to the picnic tables where there was a picture of the swings, etc. Finally they found the treasure under the water fountain. While Izzie and Maddie weren't sure about the treasure hunt because Anderson was the one to explain the rules (strange man...) they did love playing with the treasure at the end!

I got them home right at naptime and they slept a good two hours. I almost took a nap too, since I stayed up until 1am the previous night going to a movie with Melanie. I wanted to watch Eclipse while it was still in the theater and I barely made it. It was showing at ONE theater in the Dallas area at ONE time (10 pm!) We had to drive to Mesquite, actually we were almost in Terrel before we found this old, run down dollar theater. Melanie and I decided we were on an adventure. It was fun, but by the time I got home it was 1 am and I was tired! Luckily John let me sleep in a bit on Sunday morning, but I had to hit the ground running to make it to the party on time.

Now on to a new week. We are heading to gymnastics in a bit here.

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