Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family Vacation to Cabin

Today was a long day and that’s saying a lot since the day isn’t even over yet! The girls woke up early as has been their habit lately. I knew I had a lot to get done to get us ready for a two night stay at the family cabins, so I tried to stay up beat for the girls hoping they would stay in a good mood for the morning. Something backfired and they were in one of those super hyped up moods. Where things aren’t logical and they run through the house like monkeys instead of the well behaved toddlers I know they can be. I did manage to get some clothes folded and the kitchen sort of cleaned. I just remembered I forgot to start the dishwasher so we’ll be coming home to some pretty dried on stinky dishes.

I started to tell the girls yesterday that we were going on a trip to “the cabin.” They were really getting excited. So much so that Izzie couldn’t take a nap. I made parenting mistake 101, I told them we were leaving right after nap! By the time we were almost ready to leave Izzie was just vibrating with excitement. Maddie was still sleeping and I told Izzie we were going to let Maddie sleep a bit longer while we loaded the car and such. She couldn’t wait to go wake up Maddie and tell her they were leaving for their trip. I was getting excited seeing how thrilled the girls were to go on a trip!

We got packed up and head to the cabins; which are a timeshare place owned by my mother and father-in-law, near Hawkins, Texas. It’s only about a two hour drive from our house so it makes a great get away, without being super far. I love coming here. John and I have been coming here since we got married. We used to come for about two weekends a year. Since the girls have been born we this is our first time back. Walking in the door it was like stepping in time. The place hasn’t changed at all since our last visit. Traditionally, we stop at Lonestar Pizza for dinner before checking in, but sadly they were no longer there. Across the street was a Subway, and so that is what we ended up eating instead. We got it to go and had a picnic on the back porch of our cabin.

We walked into the cabin. Which, by the way is a very loose term, they are more like condos. The first time we came we actually were in one of the smaller “cabin” units and so the term stuck. The girls immediately went exploring, checking out every nook and cranny of their new space. They especially loved the mirrored bathroom, standing in front of the double mirrors saying, “There’s four Maddie’s! There is four Izzie’s!” They ran and ran back and forth in the small space while I unpacked the kitchen and John unloaded the car. After dinner, the girls played with some of the toys I brought but mostly they were running around in the cabin.
Bathtime was super fun, as the bathtubs in this place border on the crazy size. They are more like mini hot-tubs than bathtubs. The girls were excited about their indoor swimming pool, that’s for sure! I let them take a longer bath than normal knowing that it was a special treat. Now they are in a BIG (full size) bed together. We brought their tents but there isn’t enough floor space to set them up. If it doesn’t work tonight we might switch with the master bedroom for tomorrow. But that big huge bathtub is in the master with no door, so that isn’t ideal. I think they’ll be fine in the bed, if we can ever get them calm enough to go to sleep!

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