Monday, September 27, 2010

Things Toddlers Say

Isabelle and Madeline
Things Toddlers Say:
Last night the temperatures dipped down pretty low and our house got down to 72 degrees. When the girls woke up this morning they told me it was very cold and they wanted to go downstairs. They were extra eager to get down the stairs so I asked them what they wanted to do down there. They said they wanted to see the snow. They remember the snow from last winter and that it came when it got cold outside! I had to explain that it was just Fall and not Winter yet, and that sometimes we don't even get snow.

This evening before dinner I told the girls that they needed to clean up their toy room after dinner. So after dinner, Izzie goes in there and with her hands on her hips she says, "I'm just not proud of this toy room." I asked her why. She said, "Well, I think because it is such a mess." So I asked her what we could do about that. She told me she had to clean it up. Both girls were very quick to pick up all their toys. Then Izzie stands back and surveys the room once again. She said, "Yes, now I'm very proud of my toy room." Yep.. I got a mini-me!

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