Wednesday, September 29, 2010

StoryTime and Veggie Printing

Izzie and Maddie sharing a story this morning.  
 Today has already been a fun filled day and it's barely half over! We started off sort of slow this morning enjoying our pj's reading books and playing dress-up. Then I looked up at the clock and realized we better book it if we wanted to get to story time on time! Of course this is right when they noticed that their sippy cups were missing. After a frantic search of the house it was determined they had been left in the car yesterday... which means that they didn't drink ANY water yesterday afternoon. Sigh.

So I got clean sippy cups and off to the library we went. The girls were awesome at storytime, singing and dancing with Ms. Ophelia the librarian. I've been working on participation and we are slowly getting better at it. They still are timid with their joining in, but we are moving in the right direction. After story time we dropped in on Mom and Chris for about 45 minutes to visit and talk about story time.
Izzie and Story Time
Izzie and Maddie at StoryTime.
From there we headed home where the girls asked for a: ham, apple and cheese sandwich. Which I was more than happy to provide. They ate every single bite of them too. After lunch, I had a bit of surprise for the girls. You see, sometimes people wonder how I do what I do, or where I get inspiration, etc...

I was cutting up the apple for the girls lunch, in such a way that I sliced the "cheeks" off the apple leaving a rectangular core. Izzie was watching this and she said, "Yeah, we don't eat that part, it's yucky." I told her yes, it was the part with the seeds. At that moment I cut the core in half and showed the girls the seeds and the "star" pattern that happens when you slice an apple that direction. Just as I was about to throw it away, I thought to myself, that would make a pretty pattern. An idea was born.

After lunch I quickly threw on some smocks, grabbed the paint, raided the fridge for any other interesting vegetable I could think of and set the girls to print making. They went right with the flow and had a great time making veggie & fruit prints. Both girls said the okra made their favorite print. And I have to admit, it's little flower shape was my favorite too!

Apples, mushroom sliced in half, fresh greenbeans, broccoli and okra were our "paint" brushes for today.
Some Apple Prints
We all liked the okra prints

Maddie using some broccoli to make small dots.

Maddie, Momma and Izzie

Izzie and Maddie printing up a storm.

Izzie really enjoyed this project and she continued for awhile after Maddie was finished.


Serendippity said...

Now I wish I had sent you the overgrown okra sitting on the counter. I started to show it to you but we were chatting about other things. A few of the okra left too long on the plant are about an inch in diameter. I have them drying. I haven't decided if I will save them for seed or just pitch them in the compost.


dittdott said...

I was hoping you wouldn't cringe that I sacraficed one of your okra for an art project! But as we were getting out of the car, the girls saw the bag of okra and asked what it was. They've never really had okra before so I told them it was a new vegetable. Izzie curled her nose and said, "I don't like it!"

So I figured painting with it would let her get a bit more familiar with it before it shows up on her plate! Plus, okra makes an awesome print.

Amy said...

Love it! So creative :)

flower arrangements said...

I never thought of that. That's totally an awesome idea for my girls.