Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Story Time is back!

Story time is back at the library after a month long absence. Both girls were thrilled to be going to story time this morning. Maddie asked if I could check out a Dora Movie and The Little Mermaid Movie. They also wanted to pick out some of their own books. The Little Mermaid was checked out, but we found a Little Mermaid book and that was good enough for Maddie. We did get a Dora DVD, plus 3 new CD's of music to listen to. Not to mention all the books. For some reason, I had a hard time choosing which books to get them so I checked out a ton! I know I'll regret it when they are due and I'm trying to desperately find them around the house, mixed in with all the books they own. So far I haven't been too successful at keeping them separated.

They changed the format of Story Time a bit to hopefully thin out the huge crowds we get and make it so we don't have to wait in a long line anymore. You now have to get a ticket at the childrens' desk and then they announce your time and you go in. We used to have to wait in line for up to 20 minutes before story time to guarantee a spot! It's awesome the program is that popular, but I'm glad they are adding in more times and getting rid of the line. I am a bit sad that they got rid of the craft at the end though.

After storytime we went over to my moms house to hang out and have lunch. My mom has been saving all the lids to the bottled water that she buys. So the girls have a large bucket of white lids and it has been their favorite "toy" at Nanna's house the past few times we've been there. They get out skillets and those lids become ravioli, meatballs, cookies, crackers, cheerios, or whatever else their imagination allows for.

I was thrilled they took a great nap today, although I think Maddie woke up with a bad dream. She just was crying and saying that Bunny's ear was funny. I asked her if it smelt funny, felt funny, looked funny, etc. She would only say it WAS funny. I asked her if I could kiss it to make it better. That didn't work. Finally at my wits end, I did what every mom does, pass the buck. I told her Daddy was almost home and maybe he could fix Bunny's ear. Sure enough as soon as John walked through the door, she led him up the stairs to fix it. I don't know what he did, but whatever it was it worked, thank goodness!

After I saved dinner after a horrible gravy fail. I was making meatballs in gravy, but I think my beef broth was bad or something because it was horrible. The meal switched from meatballs in gravy to spaghetti and meatballs in a blink of an eye. Luckily I didn't put the meatballs in that horrid gravy before I tasted it!!! Anyway, you can't really go wrong with spaghetti in a toddler's eye so it all worked out okay. The weather was so nice that when we cleaned up from dinner the girls and I went outside to play. They started digging in my flowerbed so I redirected them to the sandbox. I helped them build a big fort and Maddie loved knocking it down when I told her I was finished. The sand in the sandbox is just right for building sand castles, it's that wet sticky sand.

It's also the kind of sand that literally sticks like crazy to you, so we had to take an impromptu bath after sandbox fun tonight. It was a full and fun day!

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Amy said...

Oh yikes...where do you do story time? I used to take Aaron when he was about a year old (at the Plano libraries) but haven't been in a few years. I'm going to take the girls next week for their first story time. With Aaron it could get crowded but there was always room for everyone. Hope it's not a madhouse.