Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running Away

Izzie and Maddie working on an art project.  I was going to make placemats, but I think they are too thick to laminate. We tore up tissue paper and mod-podged them on to cardboard. They really had fun with this one!
Rainy day activity, Maddie and Izzie coloring on the floor. Both girls did really good with potty training that morning too!
Yesterday I took the girls to the mall. They rode on the little train that goes around on a very small oval track. This is Maddie.
Here is Izzie, I was surprised they wanted separate cars.
The train.
We met Melanie and her girls for dinner last night, and got there a few minutes early. I asked the girls if they wanted to read and so they just sat in their seats reading books.
Izzie's book is almost as big as she is!
There she is!
When Melanie showed up with her girls, Izzie and Maddie were so happy to see Mady. They started visiting like old friends.
They were talking about Mady's little babydoll there, but they looked like teenagers hanging out and gabbing. (Mady, Izzie, Maddie)
Izzie, Sydney, Mady and Maddie.

Seriously, it really should be Friday by now. Even though Monday was a holiday, this week has felt very long. I think because of all the rain. I love big all-day long rain storms, but we were starting to get a bit stir crazy this week because of them I think. We've had a lot of highs and lows as far as behavior too. Both Maddie and Izzie have been doing a great job with picking up their toys and books, something that John and I were pulling our hair out about a few weeks ago. Now though, they've learned a "new" trick. And that is to run away from me in public. It started with Maddie and after I would go to retrieve her she'd not do it again. Now it's escalated where she runs around an entire store. And to make it even more interesting Izzie has joined in. So far, every time it's happened, I pick up and either strap them in their stroller or just go home and the fun ends.

Tonight we were out with friends and both girls started running around Gymboree, and I had to have my friend help reel them in. I know every mother has been there. I totally get that. When Maddie started purposely knocking things off the shelf, I said my goodbyes and picked both girls up (which isn't easy to do these days) and headed to the car. I didn't have the stroller since this is an outdoor mall and our car was parked right across the street from the store. But since they were pulling away from me and running, I had to carry them to the car. Here I am, extremely frustrated/embarrassed/angry holding two almost three year olds under my arms like footballs trecking across the street to my van. (I LOVE automatic door openers!!!) Anyway... an itty bitty sports car comes rolling up and wasn't going to let me cross the street. Here I am carrying 65lbs (plus or minus a few) of wiggly upset toddlers and this sports car was going to make me wait until he passed. I walked right out in front of him (he was going slow) and screamed at the top of my lungs, "DO NOT RUN ME OVER!" And kept on trucking. Seriously, even someone without kids should tell when there is a mother in distress! Let's just say it wasn't pretty. I get get Izzie in her carseat and she looks at me and says, "We aren't going to the park." I looked at her and said, "Ya think?!? No, we are NOT going to the park!" That was pretty much the last thing they said until we got home.

Maddie walked in the door and asked John if he was going to call Santa. (I didn't even say anything about Santa... Christmas is still too far away, but I guess she knew that she must have been REALLY bad, and that Santa was going to hear about it.) He just told them if they run away again, that they wouldn't get to watch any of their shows for 3 days. They only get to watch one 30 minute show a day, but they really enjoy them, so that made them think (I hope.)

Anyway, other than that the week has had some good points. We've done a few crafts and other projects. They are really into reading books again. They have always loved books, but some days they carry one with them at all times, and sometimes it's only occasionally. Tomorrow Mom is going to watch them so I can do some housework, fun fun!

ps... sorry Mema, blogger isn't letting me post pics tonight... I'll have to figure out what is going on. I've got a cute one of Izzie reading a book almost as big as she is in the car. It's great!

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