Sunday, September 12, 2010

Potty Training

Izzie and Maddie coloring on a box.

Much of today was spent on potty training. I'm not doing any particular method. I'm just haha.... going with the flow. Although we are going to push it a little harder than we were since they are starting to grow out of the Target Brand (read... cheap) diapers. They make larger night time diapers, which of course are more expensive, but at least if they are day trained we won't be buying as many of the night diapers. They did pretty good today. There were a few accidents, but overall it wasn't terrible. I think Izzie purposely peed one time just to change panties.

The morning had more accidents, then at the suggestion of a friend in the afternoon about 2 hours before bed, we did the "naked" trick. They ran around without any diapers or panties. In that time we had no accidents. Izzie asked to go potty once and did, Maddie asked to go potty once, but it was a false alarm. We shall see how this goes. Tomorrow we have gymnastics, so we will be wearing a pull-up. I am not confident enough to have accidents away from the house yet!

Other than that, we pretty much spent the day just hanging around the house. I made an amazing Mango BBQ Pulled Pork dish for dinner that simmered away on the stove all day, smelling up the house with its deliciousness.

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