Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photo catch up from our visit to Bryan.

Mema, Izzie and Maddie. The girls played with these marbles ALL weekend long!

Maddie and Izzie saying goodnight to Pepaw our first evening there.

Izzie pushed this huge basket of blocks across the house all the way to the living room.

Got to go see Lisa and her kids. Here's a picture of Kylee, she likes to think in this position. She was just looking at the girls with wide eyes!

Maddie and Izzie had no problem borrowing Anthony's playset while he was away!

I just happened to be in CS the same weekend as one of my best friend's boys turned three, so she invited us to his birthday party. We ended up leaving early since Maddie wasn't feeling well.

My mom and I ended up taking Maddie to a day clinic to see what was wrong. Turns out she had her second UTI. Poor sweetheart!

I bought the girls some princess accessories while at Walgreens. To say they loved them would be a massive understatement. This is Izzie checking herself out in the mirror.

Maddie and Izzie wearing their princess gear. Although as the afternoon went on it became Queen Maddie and Mermaid Izzie.

Another photo of Maddie.

Back in Dallas, the girls are playing with some hats that Grandma got them for Christmas last year. These are pretty cool because they say "Dittlinger" on them from I think a Dittlinger Flour company that used to be in Dittlinger, Texas.... my Mother -in-law will have to correct me if I have that wrong....

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