Sunday, September 5, 2010

Park with Daddy

For some reason I'm super excited about the girls costumes this year. I'm making little pink and purple butterflies, I know they are going to love them. All I've got done is 1/4 of one butterfly tutu, but I'm pacing myself (haha) October 31st feels like it is forever away, but I know it'll be right around the corner. I still have to fashion butterfly wings. I haven't even begun to think of my costume yet. Having a total brain block on that one. Normally I wouldn't dress up as an adult but we have been invited to a Halloween party again this year, so it's fun to play.

This morning I joined John in his "Couch to 5K" program. I've also been doing the push up exercises he's been doing. Although I decided to stop that workout routine and pick up my old "College Dorm Workout" book I actually did back in college! The book is from the 80's I think, but it's still a good workout that requires very little equipment and space.

After our workouts (we did them separately so that one of us was home with the girls,) I took the girls to Target for more diapers and to pick out new sippy cups. I've been drinking out of a hard plastic cup that looks like a take-away cup. The girls keep saying, "One more sip, Mommy, one more sip." They love the idea of drinking from the straw I guess. Since some of their sippys have seen better days, I decided to let them pick out some new cups. They've been carrying around their new cups all day and have drunk so much water that two of their diapers have overflowed!

This afternoon John and I took the girls to the park. I think I could have stayed there for hours, the breeze was just beautiful. It was so fun lounging on the park bench with John while the girls scampered here and there on the park equipment. A couple of times taking the time to lay in the grass, passing secrets I suppose!

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