Friday, September 3, 2010

Non-Stop, All Day!

Izzie and Maddie

Today was one for the record books. We started out strong and just kept going and going. The day started off with a trip to Half Price Books for some new reading material for the girls. Nevermind we just got back from the library on Wednesday with a ton of books, these girls are in a reading mood lately! (Probably due to the fact that they were grounded for books for like FOREVER, until very recently, because they ripped a couple up.) Now that we've (hopefully) learned a bit of respect for books, they are going book crazy!

After a very successful trip to the bookstore we stopped by one of our favorite mall parks, the choo-choo park. The girls got to run around there for a bit enjoying the awesome weather we are having this past week. From there we went to Carter's kids clothing store and lucked out in buying the winter coats I wanted on sale. And perhaps we got a new footsie nightgown that is zebra striped! From Carter's we went to lunch at Pei Wei. The girls almost polished off a shared portion of the adult Chicken LoMein. After lunch we went home where I was sure that they would be tired enough for a nap. I was only partially right. Izzie went right down, but Maddie wasn't in a napping mood.

After nap and a snack, I packed a picnic lunch and took the girls to another little neighbohood park nestled in some trees. John needed some decompression time from a long week at work and I was itching to enjoy the beautiful weather some more. The girls played and played! The park was pretty close to my friend Ashley's house so I called her and she joined us for a bit. Right at dinner Ashley left and the girls ate their picnic dinner. I let them play a little longer after eating and then we headed home for a much need bath and bedtime. They went down pretty quickly and easily after that busy day!

I on the other hand have been catching up on PAMOM work and finish making some homemade spaghetti sauce that has been simmering all afternoon. I'm about to take my shower and try to get some sleep before our adventures for tomorrow. The plan is a trip to the Science Museum.... should be fun!

Maddie and Izzie at the Choo-Choo park.
Maddie and Izzie slurping down their noodles.
Izzie reaching up for the sky!

Maddie running like the wind.

More poses from Izzie.
"What, Mom? I'm busy!" Izzie.
Maddie coming down the slide.
Izzie found handfuls of large acorns.
Izzie driving a Pirate Ship.

A good picnic dinner to end the evening. Izzie and Maddie

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Serendippity said...

Can't wait to see the zebra footies! Sounds like you guys had a FUN day. Did Maddie get her monster book?