Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Neighborhood Splashpark

My neighborhood has a small little splash park. When we moved here before kids I thought it would one day be a very cool thing. For a couple of summers it couldn't be used due to drought conditions and then last summer it was broken most of the time. This summer I had actually forgotten about it (it's way on the other side and I never drive past it.) But I'm glad I remembered before the summer was over, because that's where we went this morning.

At first the girls were not going to go anywhere near it because the sprays got pretty powerful, but then they died down a bit and Maddie and Izzie sort of circled the perimeter of the splashpark reaching in and touching the water here and there. I realized that they were just too young for this splashpark, so I ushered them toward the kiddie-pool. They had fun splashing around, "swimming," and pretending to be ducks, alligators and dolphins. After awhile, we put on the new Puddle Jumper life vests I bought the girls. They are so awesome and they really help the girls stay afloat in the deep water without assistance. I made sure to keep them within arms reach, but still Maddie loved the freedom of swimming all by herself! Izzie still wanted to hold on to me a bit though. We pretty much made one lap around the entire big pool and then they were ready to go back to the small pool.

At about that time, my friend, Betsy, showed up with her son, Caleb. She's in my one of my Moms clubs with me and lives in my neighborhood. It was fun running into her at the pool. Caleb and the girls played with each others toys for a bit and they they all decided to brave the splashpark again. This time, we had a bit more success with all of the kids darting in and out and around all the sprays. It was a good morning and it's fun knowing I can take the girls swimming by myself. Of course it is always more fun with friends and family but when everyone else is doing their own thing, it's good to be able for us to do our own things too!

After a very short naptime I went and got my hair trimmed and then took the girls to Target. I was so excited to see their fall clothes out and now I'm ready for the cooler weather. I bought a couple of new outfits and they are going to look so adorable in them!

Later that evening after the girls went down for bed, I went over to Melanie's house and finally saw Twilight. I read the books a long time ago, but haven't seen the movies. I really enjoyed the movie.
Izzie watching the water start up.

Maddie getting brave and touching a little of the water.

Izzie in the kiddie pool.

Maddie pretending to be a duck.   
Izzie and Maddie modeling their new puddle jumpers.
Izzie and Maddie

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

We have a small splash park downtown. I'm so mad at myself for not taking the girls on a week day during the summer, when I'm sure it would have been less-crowded...and I had my hubby home to help me. It's nutty on the weekends, and I'm not brave enough to take them there by myself during the week. But - as always - seeing your girls makes me look ahead to do so next summer! :) Glad everyone had fun!