Saturday, September 4, 2010

Morning at the Science Museum

Maddie (purple dress), Izzie (yellow)
 This morning John and I took the girls to the Nature and Science Museum. We went about a year ago so we figured it was time to go again. Last time we went, I think we got through the entire thing in about an hour and half including a picnic lunch. This time they were much more into everything and we could have easily stayed longer than the almost two hours we were there. But this time we didn't plan a lunch so we had to leave as it got closer to lunch time. Even so, we all had fun. I think Maddie remembered the Building for Kids that we visited while in Wisconsin, because when she saw the firetruck at this museum she said, "No, I want the OTHER firetruck!" It had a more realistic looking one than the Dallas Science Museum.

I think this go around they were so excited to see what was in each room. When we got to the end both girls were upset saying they wanted to see one more room! When we asked them what their favorite part was, Maddie said she liked the Big Teddy Bear (It was a stuffed, real grizzly.) Izzie's favorite was when Daddy stuck his head up a oversized nose.

After the museum we went to WhichWich sandwich shop for a picnic lunch. Then it was home for naptime. The girls actually took a really great nap today, with Izzie waking up a bit before Maddie. I needed to run to Hobby Lobby so I took Izzie with me and Maddie stayed back with Daddy. I was a bit worried how this would turn out, since we haven't separated them since they were little or a couple of times for doctors visits. Luckily they were both great and Izzie picked out a special treat to bring back to Maddie. She was SO excited to show it to Maddie too, and wasn't upset that she didn't get a treat too.

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