Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mall Playdate

Izzie and Maddie

Izzie, Maddie, Sydney and Madison

The two Maddie's. Madeline and Madison.

This morning we had a planned playdated at the swimming pool but due to some rain showers, we quickly changed our plans and headed to the mall. The kids all had a good time climbing all over the mall equipment. I think that Stonebriar has one of the best play areas of all the local malls so it is worth the drive out to it occasionally. On our way out of the mall we stopped in Barnes and Noble to look at books for a bit. Izzie wanted to buy some books, but I told her that this store was too expensive for new books. She just looked at me and said, "Let's go to the one Nanna took me to and buy books there!" I thought that was funny, she remembered a few weeks ago when Mom and Chris took the girls out to dinner and to Half Price Books were they each got to pick out two new books to bring home. That's our plan for tomorrow morning now!

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