Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just Hanging Around

Maddie & Izzie headed off to spend the day at Nanna & Popo's house. 
The last baby gate has been taken down. It hasn't been used in forever, but it was a nice delineation of space.
Today was a day about hanging around the house. Well for John and the girls anyway. I did run a couple of errands to both Walmart and Sprouts, but of course I didn't work from a grocery list and now I need to go back for half a dozen different items. The rest of today was just spent playing with the girls. They were so on and off. One minute they were dancing and singing and happy, the next minute they were snarly, whiney and grumpy. It was an emotional roller coaster of a day!

Yesterday Mom and Chris watched the girls and I got a ton done around the house. I love when she watches them on Friday's because the weekend is spent with an organized house and I just feel so much more relaxed. John and I decided to take the gate down off the toy room so I did that yesterday too. We haven't used it as a gated off area in over a year, but it helped "define" the toy room. I think the Pottery Barn Craft Table would look pretty awesome in this space... but that's just me...

Anyway... off to go watch a movie with John.

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