Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Weekend

Izzie and Maddie reading books and playing dress up.
This has been a great weekend and while I'm looking forward to the coming activities this next week, I'm sad that the weekend is drawing to a close. I think with me going out of town to visit Mema and then right when I got back, John left for work, it's been nice being in the same space with him this weekend!

Yesterday morning, I took the girls to an impromptu playdate at Melanie's house. We hung out there for a bit and then went to Red Robin Hamburgers for lunch. When we got home the girls told John that they went to the restaurant with the Two R's. The door handles of Red Robin are big letter R's, so that was pretty neat that they noticed that. Later that evening though they told Nanna that they went to the restaurant that made macy-cheese, hamburgers and oranges! I thought that was funny.

Speaking of Nanna... the girls went over there last night for a spend the night away from home. John and I had a laid-back date night. We went SHOPPING. Total shocker but I think we both had fun. I bought a new camera since my old one after the thousands and thousands of photos I took with it over the past 3 years is starting to flake out on me. I got a  Sony Cybershot for better or worse. There were so many choices and I had a hard time narrowing it down. I wanted to go for the fancy camera with the touch screen but it cost almost $100 for the same features. So far I'm happy with it. I've been taking photos of Ripley, my dog, since my favorite photo subjects are still at Nanna and PoPo's house.

I've spent the very quiet morning cleaning house and preparing for Mom's birthday dinner. I can't believe John woke up before me and then told me it was 9am! I haven't slept until 9am since before the girls were born I don't think! Anyway, I'm excited about Mom's dinner. I hope our comes out good. Like true Amanda fashion, I'm preparing something I've never done before. Although at least this time, I've prepared elements of the dish separately and now I'm combining them into one dish. I can't say what it is, since it's a surprise for my mom. I can't wait for dessert though since John made individual molten lava cakes for everyone!!

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