Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feeding the ducks, or fish...

Over the weekend we drove past a neighborhood pond that had ducks in it. So I got it in my head that we'd go feed ducks today. We woke up and it was raining. I actually think I was more disappointed than the girls. So we enjoyed a morning in our pajamas reading books on the couch and watching the rain. Then the rain let up and I decided to seize the moment. We quickly got dressed and loaded up in the car. I had thought of walking to the park with the pond, but since I wasn't convinced it wouldn't start pouring, the car was the way to go.

We got there and it was still drizzling just a bit. We saw the ducks lounging on the grass and we got as close as we dared and started tearing bread and stale popcorn at the ducks. And the ducks just sort of looked at us and didn't budge. We inched a little closer and they inched a little further. One brave duck waddled a bit close to us but then he hopped away. This did not seem to upset Maddie or Izzie in the slightest. They just kept tearing and throwing their bread in the water. Then the fish and turtles decided to give us a show. A couple of fish even flipped out of the water! By the time we were down to one piece of bread, a few ducks had entered the water and were eating the bread that had floated to the middle of the pond. Then the rain kicked up a bit more so we headed back to the car. But not with a big wave and a blown kiss towards the ducks as Maddie and Izzie shouted, "Bye, bye ducks, enjoy your snack!"

Izzie and Maddie feeding the ducks (er... fish.)  
Maddie and Izzie had fun just tossing the bread into the pond.

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