Friday, September 24, 2010

Clean Walls

Maddie and Izzie with Shaving Cream on the wall.
 Maddie and Izzie's little table used to be pushed up against this wall. Right now, the table is in their toy room and when I took it away I noticed that the wall had gotten pretty dirty. Different art projects have flecked their way on to the wall, not to mention a few dings in the red paint. So John pulled the extra paint out from the garage for me and I've been meaning to touch up this wall a bit. But I knew I needed to wash it since painting over dirt isn't always the best idea.

So instead of cleaning it the old fashioned way, I decided to let the girls do the work for me in the form of an art project. I squirted some shaving cream on the wall and put them to work... er... play. They thought it was pretty darn cool. The more you rub in the shaving cream, it disappears and cleans and disinfects along the way. (That's why in Kindergarten rooms across America, Friday afternoon project is to do shaving cream on the tables. The kids think they are having fun, but really they are helping clean their desks!)

Anyway, after about 15 minutes the girls were done and I had a sparkly wall. Now to actually paint the dings out...
"ROAR!" says Izzie.
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