Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catch up!

Izzie and Maddie "driving"

There aren't many photos so far this week because of two things. One, we've been so busy that we haven't slowed down to take photos and two, we've been doing the "naked" potty training method this week. I'm not sure if it is an official method or not, I'm not reading any potty training books, but so far it's working pretty well. I think not having the security of anything to catch their mess, is making them pay attention more easily. And although it would be nice to set aside a week, shut ourselves in and say POTTY TRAINING and nothing else!!! that isn't too practical. So we've been out and about with pull ups and pretty much naked bottoms at home this week. I also figured if I had to clean a mess on the carpet AND one in the panties, why not just minimize the mess?

Monday was gymnastics in the morning for the girls. They both love going and every week they have a favorite activity, although the trampoline is always high on their favorite list. Then Monday night I went to my Landmark Seminar while John put the girls to bed. Tuesday morning we hosted a playdate and Tuesday evening I went to my monthly PAMOM meeting. This morning I had a doctor appointment and mom watched the girls, and tonight John is putting the girls down for three nights in row while I go to a special Landmark event.

Then we have decided to go to College Station to visit Mema a for a few days. John will get some "time" off, staying at home and Mom and I are taking the girls. It's a crazy time of year, but I love it!

John tried to capture this photo of Maddie reading to Ripley.
While Nanna was watching the girls this morning she painted their nails. When Izzie saw the green she said she had Shrek fingers and toes. So Maddie decided hers were dragon fingers and toes!!

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