Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Days

Sydney, Madison, Maddie and Izzie at the swimming pool.

Again, this week has all but flown by in a crazy amount of activity. It's been a really fun summer that is for sure! Yesterday we met Angela and her girl twins, Andi and Alex at the mall for a PAMOM social. I'd forgotten how much I dislike the Willowbend Mall play area ever since they changed the oversized breakfast play elements for looney toon elements. But none-the-less, the kids all had a great time even as the parents were desperately trying to keep track of everyone in all the chaos! It was good to see Andi and Alex. The first time I got together with them was when my girls were 6 months old!

Later that day, after dinner, I decided to throw another "Shampoo Party" for the girls. They love this so much! Izzie kept sticking her head under the water hose and exclaiming, "I really did it! I went UNDER the water!!!!" She was SO proud of herself. I got them all soapy and clean and then they went straight to bed. It was the end of a fun day.

This morning was a bit slower, with a shopping trip to Target for fruits and veggies (and a cookie, of course.) Then as the girls were waking up from nap, Melanie called looking for something to do. I suggested a dip in our neighborhood pool and she was game. The kids all had a great time. She stayed for dinner and a bit of play before heading off before bedtime.

Madison and Maddie

Izzie and Maddie

Maddie and Izzie

Maddie and Izzie at Willowbend Mall

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